Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A Bunny A Day Challenge - Day #18

Would you look at that! I completed my bunny earlier today, not that it shows much as I had to wait for my boyfriend to get home to take the picture ;p

So here is, as promised, a cute and practical bunny, and in a Christmasy fabric too!

This cute apron is made with green fabric with white bows that was brought to me at an event from a lady who couldn't sow and had gotten a bag full of Christmas fabric from her mother. The solid green part are made with the leftover fabric I had bought to make a Link hat. And the bunnies are made with felt made out of recycled plastic bottles.

It gave me the opportunity to test a new setting on my overlock machine too.

See you tomorrow for another bunny!

Facebook bunnies are here!

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