For the very curious, here are the details and pictures of how my origami earrings are done.

And yes, they are made of real paper^.^

So I start by taking a piece of origami paper.
[For the recycled paper, I must first remove it from the book or magazine, decide whether or not I want to colour that sheet, if so, paint it and let it dry before starting at this step.]

I start by cutting smaller squares until I have the desired size.

Then I have to fold everything, depending on the colours, models and sizes I need.

Once I have folded enough origami, I have to hang them up and varnish them...

...wait at least 24 to 72 hours than varnish again...

.... wait again at least another 24 to 72 hours, then varnish yet again, then repeat again and again and again!

Then I get my stones, hooks and tools out, untie all the origami folding and make pairs with them.

Choose which stones will go into each new earring pair, depending on the colour of the origami.

And then assemble everything to obtain the finished piece!

Red and white flying cranes earrings

Pink japanese paper earrings of triple cranes
with cat's eye and sardonyx

Except, of course, for the pieces in bottles that are not varnished but rather folded, then squished, placed in the bottle, reshaped with a needle and glued in place!

Mix and match Mario bros earrings
Small TARDIS earrings and necklace set