Thursday, 13 February 2014

Japan Expo?! Yes please!

Since I last posted here, a lot of blocks have fallen into place for Japan Expo!

I have the guarantee that a table is reserved for me in the "Jeune Créateurs" section, if I complete and send in my application form (when I will receive it next month) with my cheque of course!

This is awesome but it still means I have a lot of research and planning if I am to make it happens.

Looking for info about Japan Expo

The first thing I'm trying to figure out is how visitors at Japan Expo behave and buy vs the attendees at cons in Quebec and Ontario.

Has anyone ever been to Japan Expo as a visitors or as a seller or know someone who has? I'd like to talk to someone with a bit of experience with that con, so let me know! ^^;

Looking for someone to take my table at GeekFest Quebec

Since I am trying my best to get to Japan Expo, it means I won't be able to make it at GeekFest Quebec for July 5-6. So if anyone knows someone who would want to attend that event, let me know and I will happily sell them my table! ^.^

New line of products

I have decided to try again the tiny origami studs earrings, but this time with a geek twist and cuter options!

So you can expect to see cute little cats, dogs, koala bears and pikachu (if you follow my Facebook page, you probably have seen the "raw" foldings already).

While looking for a way to fold a jigglypuff, I discovered an amazing japanese origami book with 101 Pokemon models. I have found a Canadian seller (so I will receive the book faster than by ordering from Japan) and will be able to add tons of Pokemon to that line!

Back to work

This is it for the news for this week.

I have to go back to my planning and pack up a pair of earrings leaving for Switzerland today! I always love sending items far away!

Come back Wednesday for more news and development!

Have a great week!

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