Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I fold for miniature bottles!

Ninja power!

Trying to bring new model of miniature folding for my various bottles is always a challenge, but I think I manage to make a great addition with this one!

Of course the other ones are following shortly!

What do you think? Which one is your favourite?

What other character or serie should I tackle next?

One week of work later...

A good think I consider the number I folded and not the size it takes, this is a week's worth of folding in those 2 very small cover.

On my to fold list for this week:
-more pikachu
-Companion cube
-more Ninja Turtles (of course)
-perhaps some flowers
-and hopefully some jigglypuff!

And then I'll have to put them all in bottles if they are to be ready for my next con in Toronto in just over 2 weeks time!

So back to the folding board for me today, I'll add more news Saturday!

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