Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Con season!

Con season and show season is upon us and with it my presence in many different cities to try to reach and meet as many of you as possible! :)

I have decided, to try and use this space more, to share some of my discoveries, great and bad (hopefully more of the first kind) that I stumble upon while traveling for shows both locally and out of town.

I will split my discoveries into 3 categories which will also have their own labels (located below my shop app on the right side) for easy consultation, should the need arise ;p


Of course food is one of the main focus of my research and therefore discoveries while out for shows either out of town or local. Good food is a must during those tiresome extra long hours that are most of these events, and having digestive problem and allergies on top of that makes it really important for me to get at least one proper sitting down meal a day, every day!

Considering a show can mean an easy 10 to 12 hours standing up, as a rule I never cook afterwards even for local show. So I will almost always eat out with my boyfriend who helps me greatly (as a treat and because I am way to tired to do anything other than finally sit down and let someone else do the cooking!).

As a result, I have discovered and regularly tries new restaurants, I will now share with you my top discoveries under the Food label. Hopefully you might find some nice "hidden gems" in your own town or find a nice stop for your next visit in that town.

Shiny craftsmanship & Loot

Going to various event means seeing tons of skilled (and less skilled) artists of all kind. I will try to share under this label the things of dreams I sometime discover and the small items I just couldn't leave behind!

You will find under this label some pictures, links and hopefully even a few "interview" (or should I say a few lines from the fellow artist of interest). :)

So keep coming back, Con season is starting this weekend with Nadeshicon in Quebec city!
Talk to you soon!

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