Thursday, 3 July 2014

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Well, first I think you all realized that I wouldn't be going to Japan Expo this year, considering it has started already an I am not even in France... For multiple reasons, some out of my control, the project had to be postponed until next year, but next year I will do all I can to be there!

This setback shook me up a bit and this combined with a few health issues kept pushing back my return here, but now I'm back!

So what's new then?

First you can look at my event page which is fully up to date with where I will be this year and next year that are already confirmed location!

New items?

I am, as usual, thinking and working on new foldings and products.

Here's a peek at what I'm working on at the moment, what do you think? This is what my miniaturization tests looks like.

Christmas time already? (and no not the one in July)

I am also intensely looking for shows in November and the beginning of December, if you know of any that are still accepting applications and might be interested in my work, please let me know!

This weekend!

And finally, for today, I am putting the finishing touch to some new cranes with stones in bottles pendants that should be ready for my upcoming weekend in Quebec city if I can pull myself from my computer and the relative comfort of my colder room - the rest of my apartment is really hot, and not in a good way!

More news on Monday the 7th for a recap of GeekFest Quebec and news on my next event in Longueuil!

Talk to you soon!

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