Monday, 26 November 2012

A Bunny A Day Challenge - Day #9

It's time to finally present to you my bunny of the day, which was suppose to be completed yesterday...

 So I present to you by awesome bunny necklace:

I soooo wish I could keep it and wear it, but again I used the same metal components to which I am quite allergic so someone else will have the pleasure of wearing this piece, perhaps for this coming Christmas?! Made with 38 smooth garnet and black agate briolette, whoever wears this piece will sure stand out!

You will have noticed that I used the same bunnies on this one than on my bracelet from 3 days ago. It is intended as such since I couldn't help but think it would make a lovely necklace when I was looking at my bracelet, sitting in a small box on my table Saturday at my last event.

I will add it to Etsy tomorrow and will add the link here, anyone who would want it before that is welcome to make me a sign either here, by email or on Facebook.

See you tomorrow for bunny #10!

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