Friday, 23 November 2012

A Bunny A Day Challenge - Day #6

It's that time of the day again when I unveil to you my new addition to the wonderful world of bunnies!

Today, I had more free time on my hand and was able to work on a more elaborate piece featuring, of course, a cute little bunny!

So without further ado, here's today's piece:

Sparkling bracelet with 25 small round garnets, a chain adorned with garnet wrapping the little finger, a flower toggle clasp and a cute little bunny in a lovely silver setting! You just feel regal wearing that piece, trust me!

Unfortunately for me, the shiny silver component I used are not sterling silver and therefore I cannot wear it as I am allergic to most metal. And it already found a new owner, not 24 hours after completing it! I will work on new ones soon that I will add to Etsy. Otherwise, you can always drop me a line to request another one and/or with different stones / different center piece.

In the meantime, I'll shop for sterling silver component to make one for myself!

See you tomorrow for a new bunny!

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