Friday, 24 August 2012

Big changes coming soon!

Hello everyone!

After many months of testing and math, I have to face the fact that some of my collections that I am fond of don't attract the attention I want and are therefore not worth the time I attributed to them (at least not yet). So I must tell you that at the Comiccon (14 to 16 September), all pieces of some of my collections will be on sale at 50% off and I will not make these pieces until further notice, except for custom orders.

This is an opportunity to get a quality piece at a great price and just in time for school!

The following collections will, until further notice, be removed from my inventory as soon as I sold the remaining pieces I have in stock:

Xiii (leather pieces of medieval inspiration)
Copper Fallout (steampunk inspired pieces with recycled watch pieces, with the exception of the cufflinks and tie clips)
Funky Media (pieces made of recycled 35mm movie film strip)

Now, the main inspiration behind each of my pieces will be the different Asian cultures, in all their forms (traditional as well as anime and video games). So you will still find my origami pieces, my hair sticks and various new hair accessories and some new surprises that will be announced shortly.

I hope to see you at Comiccon!

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